Mindfulness practices help to relieve pressures as children develop and life grows more challenging. Peer pressures, home and school pressure can be very stressful on young people. For many children, mindfulness practices may offer relief in difficult times. Giving them a sense of peace in the present moment instead of worry.


Young minds are flexible. Many studies reveal children who practice mindfulness techniques are happier kids. Period. Mindfulness helps kids develop the capacity to cultivate calm in troubling times. Teaching them to slow down, while offering them better options to respond to anger or frustration. No one is perfect, yet once kids understand the techniques they are quick to resort to using their breath or breathing practices when they feel stressed or overwhelmed with emotions. Planting seeds of mindfulness early sets the strong foundation for kids to respond to their lives in a happier, more mindful way.


Mindfulness can empower the overactive child to calm themselves in difficult situations. Mindfulness has been proven to promote positive traits in parts of the brain controlled by the prefrontal cortex. Such as, focus and cognitive control, which has a positive impact on developing the skills of self regulation, reasoning and attention while decreasing anxiety. Mindfulness when practiced routinely has shown to reduce hyperactive behaviors and improve concentration.






I am Cindy

My mantra is .....

I designed the Zafooz cushion as a relatable way to introduce simple mindfulness practices to children. By combining the concept of a standard meditation cushion called a zafu with peaceful plush animals, the Zafooz cushion evolved into a fun and functional mindful seat. It’s a cushion and breathing buddy all in one. All Zafooz designs have sweet peaceful faces to remind children that it is safe to slow down and go within.

The Zafooz cushion is always a soft landing for children after a long day. Using the Zafooz cushion is simple. Start by finding a safe place where a child can rest on their Zafooz, connect to their breath and begin to find inner peace and calm. If we can encourage our youth to sit in a brief daily mindfulness practice, we are working towards educating their hearts, opening their minds and tapping into the social and emotional skills needed for them to live a well balanced life.

My wish is that all young beings learn to connect and nurture themselves through daily mindfulness practices, so they may view the world through the eyes of peace, love and kindness.

Just breathe my mindful friends.





Founder and Creator of Zafooz