The benefits of connecting with our breath, being peaceful and present are endless for individuals of all ages. However, imagine the possibilities if all young children were taught to connect with their mind and body through their natural breath. As adults, we often ask our children to be quiet, settled down and be still. We expect children to automatically know how to manage their thoughts, feelings and emotions without teaching them how. But what if we could teach them how to quiet themselves and settle into stillness? Teaching children the art of quieting their minds with their natural breath will allow them to experience the awareness that they have all the tools inside them to be as great as they possibly can be.  Establishing mindful-based tools at a young age will empower them and set the foundation for their peaceful and fulfilling lives. They will not only develop healthy harmonious attitude towards themselves but to those around them as well. In addition, if we can teach them how to find happiness and peace within, they will be less likely to search to satisfy those needs in unsavory outside sources as they grow and move through the natural transitions of their life. Shaping children to become confident, calm, kind and happy individuals. By planting mindful seeds at a young age, watering them with our patience, love and support, we sown the resilient soil from which children of all backgrounds can grow and flourish.

Cindy Carter-Hopson