We have all suffered from hard to deal with behaviors from our children from time to time. The next time you find you and your child in the middle of one of those situations, calling for the old standby “Time-Out” option. Try offering a “Time-In” option to your child. Especially if you feel a child would benefit from sitting in a quiet practice to settle down and take on a better mindset. Try the approach of asking them to sit on their Zafooz for a “Time In” and assure them that they will feel better to rest their body and mind, connect to their breath and reflect on the situation.

Encourage them to do some deep breathing, which will send a signal to the brain that it’s time to calm down. Once the are calm, they can think clearly and hopefully begin to understand why they were asked to sit to take a Time-In.  This option offers the child an alternative way of navigating their emotions and empowers them to settle their unwanted behavior on their own. If possible, sit with your child and enjoy a Time-In for yourself too.

When the “Time-In” is complete try asking them some open ended questions such as:

I know you were upset earlier, how does it feel to sit and rest and body and mind?

Did your deep breathing help you to feel more calming think clearly?

Dealing with children’s changing thoughts and emotions as they are learning how to express themselves can be stressful on your child and you. Place your hand over your heart, take a deep breath and smile.  Tap into your center of compassion, there is plenty there for both of you.

Remember each breath brings a new opportunity.

Cindy Carter-Hopson