Peaceful Panda

Peaceful Panda


My Mantra is: I AM PEACE

I bring balance and harmony to everyone I meet. I solve all my problems with peace. I bring good fortune into your life. My peaceful panda spirit connects to your heart so you will always be full of love. I feel your love already!

This Zafooz is ideal for the child who may easily get caught up in stressful situations or their own emotions. This Zafooz will assist this child to find quiet moments to tap into their own peaceful panda spirit within.

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Product Specs and Instructions:

  • 23” L

  • 17” W

  • 5” H

  • Weight: 2lbs

We recommend hand washing only.
Spot cleaning by hand recommended.
Using mild soap and water, air dry.

Daily machine washing is not recommended. If machine washing is needed, use gentle cycle only with small load of alike items.
Cold or luke-warm water, low spin. Remove Zafooz cover from washer immediately and allow it to air dry.