Zafooz Body Scan

Before you begin: Below you will find guided script to help your child practice Mindfulness with their Zafooz seat. Take your time between sentences to allow your child to have a full experience. As you become familiar with the practice, feel free to add your own language and terms to suit your child.

Let’s take a trip to explore what’s happening in our bodies using our minds! We will move our attention from area to area so we can discover sensations that we may feel.

There are no right or wrong answers – just sensations so be curious and have fun!

✓ You can begin by finding a comfortable position on your Zafooz either sitting or lying down and rest your head on your Zafooz.

✓ Begin by bringing your thoughts to the top of your head. What do you feel? Perhaps, you feel a  tingle, coolness or warm.

✓ Next think about your face, your eyes, cheeks and mouth. Smile and relax your face.

✓ Move your thoughts to your shoulders and arms. Do you feel anything there? You may or may not feel anything and that’s ok. Remember to relax your shoulders and arms.

✓ Now, place your hands on your belly and rub them all around. Relaxing your muscles, make your belly feel soft and loose like jelly.

✓ Stop moving your hands letting them rest gently on your belly. Take a few deep breaths. Do you notice how your hands move up and down as you breathe. What do you feel in the belly right now?
Are you hungry or full? Can you hear your belly making noises?

✓ When you’re ready you can pay attention to your hands. Wiggle your fingers. Now, squeeze your hands open and closed a few times then let them relax in your lap.

✓ Bring your attention to your legs, and all the way down to your feet and toes. Wiggle your toes.
How do your legs and feet feel? Try to relax them too.

✓ Now give yourself a big hug and send a message of peace to your whole body. Be good to your body: eat well, rest well, love yourself and others. Be happy. Be peaceful. Be you!

Tips for parents, guardians, teachers: As you practice you can explore different parts of your body, the forehead, temples, cheeks, neck, back, and chest. Remember that everyone’s body is different so whatever sensations you feel is ok. The goal is to bring awareness to the body and relax.

Language of Sensations: These words may help your child connect with bodily sensations. You can use these to help and add your own: Prickly, nervy, twitching, burning, buzzy, itchy, chilly