Cloud Sailing Exercise

Mindful exercise for dealing with uncomfortable feelings

We all have days when things don’t go the way we would like them too. Or maybe someone said or did something that was not very nice. Just breathe and things will get better soon, I promise. You can practice this exercise to help yourself feel more peace and be hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day.

Take a seat on your Zafooz , get comfortable and relax your body. You may also try laying down and resting your head on your Zafooz. Make sure you are nice and cozy!

You may close your eyes or gently look downward at your Zafooz. Notice if you have any unhappy thoughts in your mind.  Now imagine a large white puffy cloud floating above your head. Try to imagine yourself putting all your unhappy feelings inside the cloud. Make sure the cloud is full and you are removing every single unhappy thought or feeling. Now imagine a big wind come through and watch it begin to blow the cloud away. Rest here and watch the cloud, with all your unhappy feelings inside slowly float far, far away. Imagine all you see now is a clear blue sky with a big warm and happy sun shining down on you.

Now that you have sent all your unhappy thoughts and feelings sailing away, take a nice deep breath and notice if you feel happier and peaceful inside.

Tips for parents, guardians or teachers: You may use this exercise with other feelings such as: anger, stress, worry, anxiety or nervous.

You may repeat this exercise if the child does not feel better after the first practice. Changing our feelings and thoughts takes time, so remember we all should practice patience with ourselves.

Just breathe…things will get better soon.