An Easy Zafooz Practice

Before you begin: Below you will find guided script to help your child practice Mindfulness with their Zafooz seat. Take your time between sentences to allow your child to have a full experience. As you become familiar with the practice, feel free to add your own language and terms to suit your child.

Hello mindful friend! I'd like to invite you to sit, breath and relax on your Zafooz!

▪ Find a favorite comfortable position on your Zafooz. Try sitting with your legs crossed. (criss-cross applesauce position).

▪ Sitting up tall and keeping your back straight.

▪ Relax your arms and place hands on your knees or in your lap.

▪ Softly close your eyes or you may look downward at your Zafooz.

▪ Take three (3) slow deep breaths through your nose, like your are smelling a sweet birthday cake. Then blow the air out through your mouth like your blowing out your birthday candle.

▪ Return back to your normal breath. Feel the air come in through your nose and back out through your nose.

▪ Relax your whole body. Imagine you are light as a balloon floating in the sky. What color ballon are you? Are you the only balloon floating or do you see others? Are you beginning to feel calm, peaceful or happy?

▪ Think about the tip of your nose and focus back on the breath moving in and out of your nose.

▪ How does the air feel that comes in and out of your nose?

▪ Feel the air come in through your nose and go all the way into your belly.

▪ Try placing your hand on your belly or your chest and feel them both move up and down with each breath.

▪ Try sitting still and breathing in and out softly for a short time. If you are enjoying your time breathing and want to sit longer that is o.k. too!

▪ Now that your peaceful rest has come to an end. Take a moment to give yourself a big hug and thank yourself for taking this special time just for YOU!

Keep up the great work. You can sit on your Zafooz over and over again, whenever you want to have a peaceful moment.

Tip for parent, guardian or teachers: start slow with time to sit. One minute is a nice way to ease into it. Slowly increasing time only if child is comfortable and capable of sitting for an extended time. Or try to see if your child can sit for the amount of their age. Example: if your child is 5 years old see if they can sit for 5 minutes, but only if they want to.