Instructions for Adults

On this site you will find guided scripts to help your child learn mindful based exercises and practices. Take your time reading aloud between sentences to allow your child to have a full experience. Try softening the tone of your voice and speaking calmly. As you become familiar with the practices, feel free to add your own language that best suits your child needs in an effort to meet the child where they are. Learning and planting seeds of mindfulness can take place anywhere and anytime with the right resources. Parents, guardians and teachers can be supportive to children by being open to the following:

  • Showing love and affection and compassion

  • Allowing them to witness your feelings and how you navigate them in a healthy way.

  • Establish daily routines of checking into body and mind.

  • Take time to incorporate little bits of mindfulness throughout the day, even if it’s as simple as starting each day with a few mindful breaths.

  • Acknowledging their feelings and be empathic.

  • Be open and patient with yourself and your child.

  • There is no perfect way to practice, find what resonates with your child and go with it.

  • Pat yourself on the back. By sharing mindfulness with your child you are arming them with an amazing and resourceful skill set to access throughout their lives.

Important Note: Sitting in a mindfulness seated practice should only be offered as an option to children. Children should NEVER be forced to sit in practice nor should a mindfulness practice ever be used as a punishment.