Mindful Breathing Practice

Before you begin:  Below you will find guided script to help your child practice Mindfulness with their Zafooz seat.  Take your time between sentences to allow your child to have a full experience. As you become familiar with the practice, feel free to add your own language and terms to suit your child.  

  • Let’s begin by finding a comfortable (easy) seat on your Zafooz.

  • Sitting up with a nice straight back.

  • Relax your arms and rest your hands on your knees or in your lap.

  • If you feel comfortable you may close your eyes or gently look downward.

  • Where do you feel your body touching the Zafooz.

  • Begin to relax all the muscles in your body.

  • See if you can make your body loose and light as a feather.

  • Let’s begin by taking a breath in through your nose and out through your nose.

  • Keep breathing and noticing the breath. How do your feel right now?

  • Is your breath fast or slow?

  • Let’s explore places on your body where you may feel the breath moving through you.

  • Begin by touching your nose and taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your nose. Do you feel the breath on your hand?

  • Does your breath feel cool or warm? Let’s listen for a moment and see if we can hear the breath. Is it quiet or loud?

  • Next place your hand on your chest, what do you feel?

  • Notice your chest moving up with each inhale and down with each exhale.

  • Can you feel your heart your beating?

  • Now move your hand down to your belly. Can you feel your hand move up and down with each breath. Do you feel your breath moving in your belly?

  • Just think about what you feel right now. Maybe there’s not much to feel and that’s okay too!

  • Just knowing that you are breathing is enough.

  • Continue breathing and imagine the breath is a warm breeze, sending peace and happiness throughout your body.

  • Taking one more deep breath in and out, opening your eyes, give yourself a big hug, sending a message of love to your whole body. Always remember to breathe! Your breath is your friend. Be happy. Be peaceful. Be YOU!

Tips for: parent, guardian, teacher: Ask your child open ending questions after a practice to encourage reflection about their experience. Example: What did you feel in your practice today? How does it feel to  Allow them to share. Children are natural meditators and often their responses will amaze you! Let them know that it is ok if they don’t feel anything at all. Everyone’s practice is unique. Simply knowing that you are breathing is enough!

Your breath is your friend. Be happy. Be peaceful. Be YOU!